Thursday, December 8

not your every day pony

Several of you asked me for a tutorial on my ponytail, so here you are!

You will need:
1. two rubberbands
2. dry shampoo
3. hairspray
4. tease comb

Start with clean or "aged" hair, say one or two days. If hair isn't fresh, spray roots with dry shampoo to volumize and combat oil.

 Section off the area from your bangs back to the crown.

 Tease the top section of the remaining hair and set with hairspray.

 Gather the lower section into a sleek ponytail, about midway down your head.

Gather the section on top, and begin teasing from back to front, setting each section with hairspray. The more you tease, the more volume you get.

Gather that section with a second rubberband and create a ponytail with that and  the first ponytail.

Voila! Sleek back the sides of your hair with polish and/or hairspray. You can also use a flat iron on the pony tail hair for a sleeker look, or tease the ponytail for more volume. Let me know if this works for you or if you have any questions!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I loved your method when I saw it before; I even 'starred' that entry! I had never heard of using two pony tails but it makes perfect sense..genius!

  2. Let me know how it works! I have SUCH fine hair (most don't believe me!) and this is the only way I can make this look work.

  3. i learned to do this recently from a tutorial from Birchbox . . . and yes, the two ponies make ALL the difference-- even with my thick, coarse hair, it won't stay unless i have two bands in! i love the look. =)

  4. I haven't heard of
    I'm sure this isn't an original idea to me, but it was the most amazing discovery.

  5. Scarlet1:37 PM

    I tried this today and it worked so well! I have never been able to wear a pony throughout the day before--it always gives me a headache or falls out, but the two bands and the hairspray really worked for me. I even got a compliment!

  6. That's great, Scarlet! Thanks for letting me know. :)