Monday, December 19

shoe secret

It's no secret that I love pumps. To my high-arched foot, they are actually quite comfortable. Plus, I think they elevate (no pun intended) any outfit.

I recently spent many hours searching for the perfect black pump, and wouldn't you know, I came back yet again to my all-time favorite pump ever - Nine West Rocha.

I have these in black, taupe and snakeskin, and as you can tell, I wear them all.the.time.

They are not designer pumps, but their perfect heel height, almond toe, and classic, sleek shape keep me coming back to them again and again. I wear them for every day as well as special occasions.

If you are looking for the perfect heel, definitely try these! They are available at many retailers (my favorite is Zappos!) in a variety of colors and patterns.


  1. I have been trying to replace my black pumps for MONTHS and have purchased an embarrassing number of them to try on and contemplate, only to return them because they weren't quite perfect enough. I haven't tried these yet, so thank you for recommending them! Maybe they will be what I have been looking for! It is so hard to replace a classic item like'd think it would be easy to find a nice black pump, ha!

  2. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I love the Rocha too. I currently have it in leopard (the calf-hair version) and brown suede. I am sure I'll get the black eventually too. I also like the Anne Klein Wystere, but I prefer the Rocha.

  3. Elizabeth, let me know if these work for you! It is odd how much time and planning goes in to finding the perfect black pump. Who knew?!
    Anon, I'm glad you are a Rocha fan as well. I *think* I've tried the Wystere...I tried something AK at one point.