Thursday, December 15

the last minute

Some days I wait till the last minute to get ready and walk out the door. Today was one of those. After I see Bryan off to work, I sip a cup of coffee and cuddle with a kitteh or two and watch the morning news for a bit.

And today, the coffee, couch, and kittehs were just too comfy to want to get up.

So at the very last minute I grabbed this outfit from the shoes up. It's raining and I have to run errands after work, so I grabbed my go-to boots, skinny pants, top, and topper. I'm not thrilled with this, and it won't win any awards, but at least I have clothes on. :D

It's not bad at all, it just doesn't really appeal to me as much as a more well-thought-out outfit would. I think next time I'll pick a skirt instead of the pants so I can tuck the top. The two longer hemlines are what's throwing me off I think.

Surely I'm not the only one who doesn't feel 100% about a look after you walk out the door, so what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Cardigan|Splendid, Top|J Crew, Pants|Gap, Boots|Dolce Vita, Bracelet|Kate Spade via Buffalo Exchange


  1. See, I really love this! It's still very minimalist, but it's still bold (not "bold" as a fashion-statement, but more like "bold" as in-your-face color and lines, I think?).

  2. Actually, I kind of love this outfit. Comfy, casual, + the boots and jewelry give it just the right polish. Boots and jewelry make everything better. :)

    For a spirit-lift on days like this, I'll swing by Starbucks for an indulgence.

  3. Thank you both. :) Your comments make me feel better! And Starbucks is in the works, JC. Nothing quite like a hug in a mug. :D
    Jess, that is very true.

  4. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I think you look fabulous in this! Comfy, casual, and cute. And I think you are having a really good hair day too! I agree on the Starbucks : )

  5. Westsidebee11:33 AM

    Well you look lovely, but I know the feeling. When I see my final put together product and it doesn't look as great as I was hoping, I just focus on the one part of it that I do like. Even today, for example, my outfit ended up a little darker overall than I planned, and it feels a little dreary. But the top I'm wearing has a little sparkle to it, so I just focus on that, and I feel sparkly! Ta da!

  6. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I like this. It's comfortable and casual. I'd wear it again.

  7. I actually love this outfit and was thinking I wished I could wait til the last minute and end up "put together" like this.

  8. I adore this and have filed away to imitate. :)

  9. Jamilla10:24 AM

    i think this is a really cute outfit! you are good even at the last minute =)