Wednesday, December 21


Black paired with brown is so delicious. Mmm. Chocolatey.

I think I've created a monster. I went shopping awhile back looking for this blouse, but it wasn't available in-store (it was on sale). So I tried on a full price one in a solid to "check sizing". Ha. I bought that one AND ordered this one. ;)
In other news, Christmas is just FOUR days away! I'm glad I am DONE with shopping. I went yesterday to run errands and everywhere is just plain madness. People assume because I have this blog about clothes and stuff that I love to shop. I really do not. I can only take so much. Most of my prezzies were purchased online. O:)

Jacket|Nordstrom, Blouse|Equipment, Jeans|J Brand, Bag|Cole Haan, Sunnies|Ray Ban, Ring|Harolds, Watch|Michael Kors


  1. I love the outfit but that jacket is to die for.... gimmme gimmme gimme.... :)

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Love this!!!