Monday, December 19

christmas party

This is the first year in awhile that I haven't had the opportunity to dress up for a Christmas party. By dress up, I mean dressy up. So I took the opportunity of our Crossfit Christmas party to dress up just a little.

I've been wanting to try a tux-inspired look with a plaid shirt, but I can't seem to find my perfect plaid shirt.

So I stol...borrowed Bryan's. He said I look like Gwen Stefani. That made my day.

Jacket|Rag and Bone, Shirt|AE (Bryan's), Jeans|J Brand, Shoes|Nine West, Clutch|Express, Watch|Michael Kors


  1. I LOVE this outfit, Sarah! This is so perfect for a casual Christmas party. I've also had trouble finding the right plaid shirt, but I picked one up at J. Crew the other day and I love it! Now I want another one. After seeing how great you look in Bryan's, I think I'll check out the men's section at Gap and see what I can find. : )

  2. Thanks Ana! I'm on a plaid kick lately. The men's sale shirts at Gap were about $15 on average yesterday.

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Such a fun look!!

  4. Great idea, borrowing Bryan's. His comment about Gwen Stefani was also dead-on; you nailed that glam/tomboy thing she does so well!

  5. Love the mix of plaid with the white blazer. I may have to copy this, thanks for the idea! I have a JCrew perfect shirt in plaid that I like, you may want to check them out for one. And hubby nailed it, you do look like Gwen here, nice!