Tuesday, November 22

boscia review

...and since I AM now 30, I decided to finally take better care of my skin.
Up until now I haven't done much, other than wash off my makeup and apply a (non SPF) moisturizer.
But that all changed the day I walked into Sephora and discovered Boscia. A representative of the company was in the store that day, and did a great job pitching the products to me because I bought a regimen for myself and one for my husband too. Sucker? ;)
Regardless, I'm completely thrilled with the products we got. Boscia has no preservatives, which really appealed to me. If I can combat aging naturally, I'm all for it.
Not saying I won't bring in the big guns when necessary. 8D
If you only try two products from Boscia, try this eye cream

and this serum.
They have completely changed my skin, and I'm very impressed with the results. They were immediate! The eye cream goes on so smooth and actually does reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and the serum not only gives my skin a more even appearance, but it allows my moisturizer (this one, which DOES contain SPF) to soak in better. I also have been able to skip a foundation primer altogether.
If you do try these products, let me know if they work for you!
I was not given these products, I paid for them myself. I am not being paid to review these or given any benefit from Boscia. I just reallyreally like them and think you would too. :)

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  1. Karen Stauss6:08 PM

    I like Boscia products very much. I am a bit older than you... 45... and have discovered the Perricone line of skincare products gives me more bang for my buck (and sadly a lot of bucks! LOL).

    Happy (belated) Birthday!