Thursday, November 17


For years I've worn the same pair of earrings because they are a gift from my parents and they go with everything. But lately I've been enjoying wearing bigger earrings as my main accessory. I don't have many pair, but I love the element they add to a look.
What's something new you're trying?
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  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I've definitely been experimenting with jewelry too. I used to only wear gold jewelry and occasionally sterling silver, but lately I've really had fun with costume jewelry. I discovered that I like more "statement" pieces with more going on, which I can't do with "real" jewelry. So I've been wearing bigger earrings and necklaces and enjoying "new" metals like Gunmetal, nickel, etc. without being concerned about the "value" of the piece. It did cause some raised eyebrows in my family, but even the staunchest opponents of costume jewelry have admitted that my beautiful new jewelry makes my outfits look great, even if the jewerly itself does not have intrinsic value.

  2. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I am not really changing anything but I love big a$$ earrings

  3. I also have a pair of oval silver hoops that I've worn almost every day since my husband gave them to me as a gift. They also go with everything and I love them:) After I got a gold-and-silver coloured stainless steel wristwatch for Christmas last year, I'm experimenting more with both gold and silver coloured jewelry. Hoops are still my staple, but I've been trying out large crystal or pearl studs lately, and I really like the look of those as well!