Thursday, October 20

we'll always have paris

Today's nail color of choice is OPI's We'll Always Have Paris.
It's a deep berry wine color, and I love how dark and rich it is. It's an oldie, but it is still one of my favorites. It must be popular, because it is still available after all these years.
What color are your fingers sporting today?
How often do you change colors?
What inspires you to choose the colors you do?


  1. Kelly6:42 PM

    I just bought OPI's "Bubble Bath" after hearing that Giadia de Laurentiis wears it on her Food Network show. It's a really light pink. I love dark colors, but with light colors it isn't noticeable if it chips a little.

  2. glam on the inside8:52 AM

    My nails are bare but you've reminded me to go paint them! Taupe for the fingers and dark, glittery purple for the toes I think...
    It's spring here in Australia so I have a nice shade of coral on my shopping list.

  3. @Kelly, I haven't tried that shade yet, I'll have to check it out.
    @glam, happy pedi/mani! :)