Friday, October 7


Oh look, I need to make a hair appointment! Heh.
Today's look is courtesy of a short nights' sleep and wanting to wear something loose, comfy, and "easy".
I don't know why we consider tailored, layered outfits "hard", but we do.
Either way, I'm happy with how this turned out. I don't own a maxi skirt, so I just layer tops over my dress and nobody (but you) knows.
Skress: Matty M (Rack), Top: Forever21, Necklace and ring: Martin + Osa, Shoes: Charles David


  1. Sarah, this is a really clever remix of the maxi dress and this top!! Well played, indeed!

  2. Kellie5:20 PM

    Do you wear your wedding ring on your middle finger beacuse you lost weight and it's too big, or is this the new trendy thing to do?

  3. Skress, neat play on words. I never knew about layering over a dress until I started looking at blogs online. I think it's a great idea. And something really good to keep in mind for vacations when you bring little clothing.

    I just need to find some dresses to layer with now. Looking at your outfit I never would have known it was a dress and not a maxi skirt. So clever.