Tuesday, October 18

seasonal transition

After my post on all things Fall yesterday, I've started thinking about how I am going to transition my summer-predominant wardrobe into Fall. I don't remove seasonal items from my closet - the only things that don't stay hung in my working wardrobe are evening dresses or outerwear (or super heavy sweaters which stay packed up until about now). Everything else stays in and is worn year 'round.
So the challenge is not WILL I wear it, but HOW will I wear it season to season.

cobalt skinnies, summer to fall

For example, I love my cobalt skinny pants and although they are quite summery, I really don't want to pack them away for a few months. So I've been working on some ideas on how I can make them work for the upcoming season.
Black and gray are obvious choices, but I really love a nice taupey brown with the bright cobalt. It tones them down, yet warms them up. I plan on using my same summer tops as layering pieces under sweaters, cardigans, or jackets and swapping out open toe sandals for booties or tall boots. The colder it gets, the more layers I pile on.
Are you having success transitioning summer pieces to fall?

1 comment:

  1. Love the compilation of pieces!

    I totally don't see the cobalts as summery. I think you can rock those year round without being a fashion criminal. :D

    I adore the idea of a chunkier knit with the skinnies.