Friday, October 28

on trial

A trend that has appealed to me for quite awhile is boyfriend jeans. Slouchy fit jeans with rolled hems. I think they put a fun casual twist on my primarily dressy, classic wardrobe.
But I have yet to find a pair that look good, so when I first started noticing skinny rolled jeans, I thought I'd found my solution.
I have a pair of skinnies already, so I wanted to try them out before I bought a "better" pair. These are a bit loose and ever since finding my favorite fit of jeans, I've wanted to replace these with a higher rise and more uniform wash.
But there really wouldn't be a pressing need to replace them if the trend itself didn't pass the test.
After trying out this look today, I think it's definitely worth pursuing a better pair of skinny jeans.
How do you try out trends? Do you try and try again, or give up after one attempt?
Top: Zara, Cardigan: Target, Jeans: Express, Boots: Frye, Ring: Martin + Osa, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Where to begin!?

    The EXP jeans are PERFECTION. I adore them rolled. Experiment gone right!

    The Frye oxfords...why have they been in hiding!!!??? LOVE!!!!

    The Zara polka dot blouse.........whew!!! It is a BEAUTY. That is going to be your new go-to blouse! I see it with EVERYTHING. On deck? The TR cardi. :D

    And why oh why did I ditch my Target cardigans like that? Just Gorgeous, Sarah!!!

    TGIF! <3

  2. I see you got your hair done! Looks good! :)

  3. Those jeans look good rolled up like that.

    I rarely follow trends, I create my own. ;) So I really can't tell you how I try them out. I just buy stuff that I like.

  4. I love the boyfriend jeans-trend, I just haven't found a pair with the right fit for my size 10 curvy body yet. You look great!

  5. You killed me with your top. It's really really cool :X

  6. Thanks!
    Nanne, try Express or Gap when they offer boyfriend styles.
    Thanks Alina! It's new. I'm a big fan of your blog. :)