Thursday, October 27

two f's of fitness wear

I work out six days a week, and while my clothes do end up getting dirty and sweaty (as do I, come to think of it) it's still important to me to put some effort into what I wear to the gym.
First and foremost, for functionality. I choose what I wear based on the workout. From my tops, to my bottoms, to especially the shoes I wear. This particular day included a power lifting element, so I opted for shoes geared more for lifting. It's still warmish here, so I prefer to wear shorts unless I'm doing elements where pants or crops would be more appropriate.
I also finally found a headband that stays on my head! After leaving a constant trail of headbands all over the gym, I discovered this adjustable headband. I have added a few on my Christmas list because there are just that nice. Plus I don't have to constantly fidget with my hair.
And secondly, I dress for fashion. I realize the gym is not a fashion show, but I see no reason to wear schlumpy duds while you are making an effort to better yourself. I personally perform my best when I am wearing cute things, too. :)
Other people have to see you too, and sweat stained, holey sweats just aren't nice to look at. Plus, since my every day wardrobe is fairly neutral, I enjoy wearing fun colors and prints to the gym.
I do remove all jewelry but tiny earrings for safety reasons, and I remove all makeup (but mascara because I can't use makeup remover with contacts in).
I'm there first for my fitness, after all. 
Shirt: Gym tee, Shorts: Lululemon, Headband: Lululemon (buy here!), Shoes: Nike Eclipse, Socks: Puma


  1. I feel more motivated when I have nicer work-out clothes, too! Since I just started going back to the gym (but NOT six days a week-- whew! You're insane! haha) I only have one top and two bottoms . . . I guess I need to go shopping again. ;-)

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I like it when I have a cute outfit too! I followed your advice on the crops for the Crossfit bootcamp I am doing and they are great. I found mine at Old Navy and love them. Thanks!

  3. Love it! I always get motivated by your fitness posts. There's a third "f" and it is fun as you show it in your photos.