Wednesday, September 7

what i sweat in

Work out wear is very personal, but I can tell you that I have tried almost everything. Crossfit has enabled me to participate in a wide variety of fitness activities, so my workout wear has to take me from yoga, to running, to lifting, to flipping tires, and so on. I find myself in compromising positions frequently. :)
I have a strong preference for capris or leggings over shorts. Shorts are great, especially when it's hot (which it usually is as our box doesn't have a/c), but leggings don't budge or get bunchy on me. These capris are the Touch by Under Armor, and I have a few more in my cart waiting to be purchased. Very comfortable, yet breathable, and not see through (phew).
I prefer tanks unless it's in the middle of winter, but a lot of tanks out there have the little bras sewn in and/or are too short. I prefer my work out tanks to fit as long as my regular tops do. Plus, if I have to do handstands no one has to see my belly because these tanks stays put. :) I am generally not a fan of spending a lot on fitness wear, and I do think it's silly to buy a label for the sake of buying a label, but I can't deny that these cool racerback tanks by Lululemon are the bees knees.
Bryan and I have been Crossfitting for 10 months. It is an investment, but the best kind there is. We are stronger, leaner, meaner (hehe), and happier than ever, and we love the variety, competition, and camaraderie Crossfit provides. I couldn't do anything else ever again.
Tank: Lululemon, Capris: Under Armor "Touch", Bra: Nike, Shoes: Asics, Headband, Under Armor


  1. Love it! Just as stylish as your daily outfits and ur looking fit too. :D

    I usually wear leggings and a t-shirt but that's because I have a few extra pounds I want to lose before I can feel comfy in formfitting wear. I used to pay NO attention to what I'd wear during work outs in the past.

    I do like the idea of wearing matching sneakers, and may have to invest in an extra pair or two.

  2. Thank you!
    MyFashionAddict...I can't wear shoes that don't "go", at least that's what I tell myself when I look at my Crossfit shoe collection, which contains five pair. It was three until last month. ;)

  3. Love your workout gear Sarah. I have to admit that I'm a bit of a dag when I work out and do tend to regret it when I actually get to the gym.

    I love your outfit posts and have just started a blog and hope to put up some of my own soon.

    Feel free to drop by some time :-)

  4. Great workout outfit, you match, but it's not over the top matchy matchy either. I tend to shy away from form fitting gear, I don't need anyone to see my rolls. Perhaps when I loose a few, I'll try out a look such as this. You look great.

  5. Thanks Ez!
    That is interesting Lisa. It took awhile for me to feel comfortable in form fitting gear, but what I like about it is that it doesn't budge. Shorts don't ride up (ew) and tops stay put whenever I have to be upside down. Which is more often than one might think. ;)