Wednesday, September 21


Yep, it's still in the 90s, but the sweaters are OUT and in full rotation. Ninety-two is so much cooler than 108!
It is so nice to be able to be outdoors and not melt right into the ground.
I ran into a lady this morning on my way into work. She looked very happy and was walking two extremely happy doggies. So I leaned down and patted their little heads and she started chatting with me. Turns out she was a victim of the recent fires here in central Texas, and was spending the days at her husband's office near mine until she can get back to her property. Who would have known? She was just so thankful that she and her husband made it out okay, and that they were able to get their puppies to safety. And her biggest concern is for her friends and neighbors. She plans on putting forth every effort to help them rebuild.
That really put life into perspective for me, and I'm thankful I met her today. There is so much sadness and negativity in our world, but at the end of the day we have so.much. If all I had was my life, my husband, and my kitties I'd be incredibly rich.
 Blouse: Matty M, Cardigan: Only Mine, Jeans: J Brand, Necklace: J Crew


  1. Great post, Sarah -- we have so much to appreciate. Love your outfit too. I am wearing a sweater even though today's high is 87 : >

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Lovely post. Thanks for this reminder to be thankful.

  3. Great outfit, I really like all the stripes that are in the stores right now. It is true, as long as you have the basics in life, one is a lucky person. This woman has the right idea and I hope it rubs off onto others.