Tuesday, September 20


I posted last week about how my view of this skirt had changed, and how it was allowing me to be creative with new pairings. This is probably my favorite pairing with the skirt so far. I hope you aren't tired of it...or of my leopard blouse. ;) The beauty of my work environment is that I'm 99.999% sure nobody can tell how often I wear things. O:)
Except you.
Blouse: Ann Taylor, Skirt: Classiques Entier, Shoes: Nine West, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Perfect pairing for certain! THAT is how to fully take advantage of all the pieces in your closet! Well done!!

    p.s. That skirt fits sooooooo well!!! All of the detailing is subtle yet outstanding!

  2. With pieces as pretty as these, you wear them as often as you like. I don't mind repeat outfits, it's always neat to see new ways to style an items in your closet. And you really do wear pencil skirts to perfection. Every time I see you in them, I want one for myself.

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Very cool, different but it works. I almost wore my leopard print blouse today too!

  4. Sarah, I have the same blouse, similar skirt and exact shoes but from Sergio Rossi! I would have never paired them all together. Hope you don't mind that I'll copy this outfit as is. :) Love your blog and all your outfits.

  5. Thank you all!
    @Legacy, let me know how the combo works for you!

  6. Sarah, I really *love* the whole outfit but the shoes go especially well with that skirt!! You are very photogenic!