Thursday, September 29

precious cargo

Does it bother you when packages arrive all beaten and bashed in? I find myself worrying that the contents inside could be damaged.
Fortunately they weren't this time.
Abigayle likes boxes regardless of shape, size, or condition.
Kimberly was a little hesitant at first, but eventually curiosity got the best of her, and she took a spin in the box too.
I do browse online quite a bit, but only bite the bullet if there is a sale that can't be ignored and if the online retailer is a partner with Ebates.
And secretly, I do enjoy ordering online from time to time so the girls have a box to play in. O:)
How much shopping do you do online? What stores have the best online service and ordering process?


  1. I do 99% of my shopping online. Between work and family commitments, online window shopping is one of my favorite things to do when I have a minute. :)

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    I just have to say, adorable kitties ... love them!!!

  3. I plead the Fifth on the question posed. :D

    I LOVE THE CATS IN THE BOX!!! Awesome.

  4. Such cute kitties! How fun :)

    I window shop online and then never actually buy anything. It's quite theraputic to window shop online. But, I like instant gratification so I like to buy things in person.


  5. Chelsea5:17 PM

    I do most of my shopping online because it is super convenient and there is so much more to choose from. Amazon is one of my favorites especially since they have subscriptions for things you use regularly like beauty products (we use it for diapers too). They will deliver it monthly or however often you need it and you get it even more discounted this way. I hate paying for shipping so generally I buy from stores that offer it for free. I just ordered a new dress from Nordstrom because it was free to ship while on the other hand I was going to order sheets from Pottery Barn but they wanted $18 for shipping so I deleted those right out of my shopping cart. I would rather drive to the store than pay 18 extra dollars for convenience, ridiculous! Zappos is another favorite. Free shipping, free returns what more could you ask for?!

  6. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Not as many retailers in Canada sell clothing online, so it is sometimes more difficult. Sometimes I sleuth out stores when I am in the US try lots on and then when there is a sale, purchase.

    But currently, I would say 90% of my last 6months purchases are online :)

  7. As I am in a weird size between regular and plus, I do most of my shopping online. Target and Old Navy have the largest selections, easiest interfaces, links to ebates, frequent coupons, and in-store returns. Nordstrom is, of course, Nordstrom, but I have to admit I wish I could shop in their store more since I don't like their website as much as I do being there.

  8. I am always concerned when a box comes to my house and looks half eaten. It makes me wonder if what's inside is ok, and it usually is. In general I prefer to shop in stores than online. I am not good at selecting the correct size online, even with retailers I know well. And nothing replaces being able to touch and feel the fabric before purchasing.