Thursday, September 15

low contrast

When I get sick, I get antsy, so I decided to do all of my ironing. I haven't worn these pants since the spring because they've needed to be ironed. Note to self, don't buy many things that require ironing. ;)
But since I ironed them, I felt like I should wear them. It's only fair.
My bracelet is new, and I like her.
I went to the doctor yesterday and the results are negative for strep. Yay! Strep is a miserable beast.
Sweater: F21, Trousers: Level 99, Necklaces: F21 and Express, Ring: Martin + Osa, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: J Crew


  1. I'm pretty sure I said this last time you wore those pants, but I love them and I want some like them. :P

  2. Anonymous9:11 PM

    You have no feet in these pants :(

  3. But I do! I promise they are there. This is how I prefer to wear flare trousers. I feel stumpy and sloppy if they fit shorter. The toes of my shoes show as I walk.

  4. I think these trousers are PPL at their finest. Which is an acquired taste of course.

    I'd been wondering where these trousers went, nice to see them again. They are lovely on you.