Monday, September 26

feathers 'n snake

I'm not a big pattern mixer, but when it's subtle enough I'll bite. Being that my snake print shoes and feather print top are in the same color scheme keeps it fuss-less enough to make me happy.
Bryan took me to dinner Saturday, and I've been wanting to combine a blazer with shorts for awhile, and it seemed like the perfect occasion. We went to Chuys, a local tex mex joint. We eat one non-paleo meal a week, and we usually splurge on tex mex. It's just that good. :D
I hope you all had a great weekend and feel refreshed enough to tackle another week. Our summer has returned with several more days of 100+ degrees. I'm trying to be positive. Trying... :)
Blouse: F21, Jacket: Rag & Bone, Shorts, 7FAM, Shoes: Unisa, Necklace and Ring: Express


  1. Very cool look. I love the blazer + shorts!

  2. Yuuuummmmm, Chuy's......

    I love the subtle print mix. You look perfect!!!


  3. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I love your top! Feathers are everywhere lately. I also love your Linea Pelle bag - I've been considering this style all summer, do you mind me asking if the handles are long enough to fit over the shoulder?

  4. I love my bag, Anon! It doesn't fit over my shoulder with these handles, but it does come with a longer attachable strap for over the shoulder or cross body wear.

  5. I love blazers in all outfits: dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts! Blazers always look good.