Wednesday, September 7

fashion too far?

I understand that the point of fashion spreads is to grab our attention and captivate us - whether positively or not.
And this is certainly a not. We are used to controversial spreads by now, but has this photo spread gone too far?
Photographer Tyler Shields portrayed what can't be anything other than domestic abuse in his photos.
What do you think? Is this just art that we need to learn to appreciate? Or has this gone too far in glamorizing something that is really quite ugly?


  1. Disgusting! Not cute, funny, witty or fashionable. Perhaps my bias is showing, as I do a lot of relationship counseling and deal with domestic violence in my work.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    This is just wrong

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I saw that and hated it. I mean...why?

  4. Anonymous4:16 PM

    This is way too far. There is nothing glamorous or romantic or empowering. I tend to look at these things in one way : is this the message I want to send my little girl ? As an adult, in a good relationship, I may be able to look at it in a discerning way - but young women/girls can't. Also, what type of male customer is the suit designer going to attract ? This disgusted my husband.

  5. I could not agree more with all of you. This is just sick.
    I think what really bothers me is that as painful as physical abuse is, it's the emotional and phsychological abuse that hurts just as, if not more, deeply.
    Bad, bad, Tyler Shields.

  6. What is wrong, is still wrong, even if you try to make it glamorous.

    I'm fortunate, the family I was raised in taught the boys, "muscles are for protecting." But what about others? If someone from or in an abusive relationship saw that photo, I don't think they would think the pain they felt was either glamorous, or artistic.


  7. I see no need to "cross the line" with advertising. And it seems that's all they show anymore. I miss the days of ads that were less violent and attempt to shock. Ads that actually show a product would be nice.