Tuesday, September 6

earth, wind, and fire

Bryan made a discovery yesterday. And I must admit, he's quite right. He said, "You need to get out of the house at least once every day."
We spent our Labor Day home fighting sickness, but around dinner time I got antsy and wanted to go out. Bryan started to pack the camera (he's well trained, what a dear) and I said, oh no, people don't want to see this. But he convinced me to maintain reality in my posting.
So if you are offended at this post, it's Bryan's fault. ;)
I grabbed a simple dress and since it's still warm (but 15 degrees cooler than the 105 average we've been experiencing, thankfully) I didn't need any layers. We ate at a restaurant with an outdoor patio. So sandals, and a bracelet for a pop of color was all I needed.
Simple day makeup with a swipe of pink for lips and I looked a million times better than just a few minutes before.
Do you ever get antsy and need to get out? Is it inconvenient to get fixed up before heading out? Do you have any get-ready-fast tips?
Dress: Halogen, Bracelet: Nordstrom Rack, Ring: Martin + Osa, Sandals: Steve Madden, Food Baby courtesy of Manuels

->The greater Austin area is experiencing many intense wildfires at this very moment. When we drove out to dinner last night we saw two of them, and it's heartbreaking. Thankfully the winds of yesterday have died down, but there are still a lot of people without homes and no knowledge of what awaits them after the smoke clears. Pray for rain!


  1. Poor Sarah and Bryan! Hope you are feeling better!

    Even in illness, you look like a celebrity, Sarah. <3

    Thinking of all the poor people in Texas who have been victims of heat and wild fires this summer.


  2. You look great! My husband and I often encourage each other the same way: let's get out of the house, even for an iced coffee at 7-Eleven. And adding the lipstick really does help! : >

    I hope the rains come very soon.

  3. The news of wild fires is so sad to hear. I pray for those who are affected.

    I would never know you were feeling unwell, you look your usual polished and put together self.

    My get ready fast tips is basic pieces with no prints to worry about mixing and matching with. A dress is always a great solution. And my hair in a clip, if I don't have to style it, I can get out the door much faster.

  4. Thank you, Lisa. Texas needs all the prayers you can muster.