Friday, September 2

day tripping

Bryan and I have a goal to visit little 'burbs in Austin or surrounding towns at least twice a month. Taste the food, walk the streets, and experience the culture.
This week we decided to visit Elgin, Texas.
Elgin is a small, historic old town. They are known for their BBQ, so the lunch choice was a no brainer. We went to Meyers, a family owned BBQ joint just off the main drag.
I'm a brisket fan, and while Meyers didn't beat out my usual Rudy's for brisket, they did offer some fantastic sausage that was just about the best I've had anywhere.
The best way to eat brisket is in a sandwich with just a little sauce, pickles, and raw onions. Mmm!
We wandered around the historic district (in 110 degree weather, mind you) enjoying the old buildings and unique architecture. Nobody was out, though. It was just too hot.
After a few minutes in the scorching heat, we ducked into the City Cafe for some of their famous Lemon Meringue pie. Sadly, they were out. So we dined on Coconut Meringue instead. Someday we will have to go back for the lemon...maybe in the winter? ;)
Top: JCrew (archives), Shorts: 7FAM (archives), Shoes: DV for Target, Watch: Fossil, Bracelet: F21, Ring: Martin + Osa


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Very pretty, yet again!

  2. This is a perfect example of how a casual outfit can be nice because of the details. A t-shirt with some detail on the neckline, a cute bag and fun shoes. A great casual outfit without the frump I often see here wtih baggy t-shirts and jeans and flip flops. Ugh.