Thursday, September 22

coming this fall...

Being that today is the last day of summer, I thought it was fitting to do a post dedicated to Fall.
Fall is my favorite season. I love the warm, earthy colors paired with neutrals, the variety of textures, and the endless possibilities that layering provides.
I had my second annual pre-Fall shopping trip last weekend and came home with some goodies.
I'm very excited about the new prints, textures, and even a color (wow!) that came home with me. They will serve as the springboard for my closet to transition from Summer to Fall.
Here, Fall is still fairly toasty, so I won't be able to wear boots or super warm sweaters until around Christmas. So the trick is to embrace the colors and textures of Fall, but not dress too warm.
Once Fall arrives, it never sticks around very long. It is important to me that the things I purchase for short seasons (hm. my favorite season is also our shortest, what?) can be worn in the longer seasons as well.
Now I just need the weather to cooperate and we can get this party started.
What's on your list for Fall? Do you have a warm fall like I do?
Pretties from Current Elliot, J Brand, Vince Camuto, Parker, and Splendid.


  1. *heart palpitations*

    The entire lot is gorgeous and I anxiously await Fall outfit posts!

  2. I can't wait to see your new goodies in outfits! Some gorgeous colors and prints here. I have a mixed fall. Some days it's warm (high 70s) and others it gets quite cool (mid 50s)so fall items have to layer, layer, layer to work for me. But fall is short, our winters and summers are the longest seasons. Spring clothes, almost aren't even worth purchasing. I usually use the fall clothes for the wet spring days.

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Oooh, I need to see more of the grey leopard denim something or other!