Friday, September 30

80s genes

I know! Leopard print jeans!
So no, I didn't wear these to work (and don't plan to unless I get a different job). I'm having a hard enough time breaking in my blue skinnies at the office. O:)
I got these on my pre-Fall shopping trip last week. I had seen them online here and there, but never really considered them for me. My shopper had pulled them for me though, and I have a rule that I try everything on before I give an opinion. I couldn't believe how WELL they fit for starters, and then man, the print just sent me over the edge.
I have a lot of ideas on how I want to wear them. My general goal is to treat them like solid gray skinnies, and not let the print throw me off. We'll see where that takes me. O:)
Just a warning - I plan on wearing these a lot.
Happy Friday to all of you, and I hope your weekend is happy, restful, and fun.
Jeans: Current Elliot, Top: American Eagle, Shoes: Franco Sarto, Arm Party: Banana Republic, J Crew, Express


  1. I choked on my coffee when I opened your blog! Holy Smokes and Coffee through the nose! You look absolutely fantastic in these silver leo skinnies! Oh the possibilities of loveliness abounds!



  2. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Wow, you have amazing legs! Love the skinnies :)

  3. Kellie6:59 AM

    I think I saw Katie Holmes wear some of these animal print skinnies....but I'm not a fan. :( Too trendy for me.

  4. Super fun pair of new skinnies. I cannot wait to see how you mix these up in outfits.

  5. Dang, Sarah! Maybe this should be your after photo! :):):)