Monday, August 8

life & style: luck

Bryan and I went to make my returns (to what I call the Mothership, ie: Nordstrom) on Saturday and afterwards stopped off at Buffalo Exchange to sell a few things (can you tell I'm cleaning out my closet?). I always check jeans (except this time since I'm set in the denim department), dresses, shoes, and accessories, as well as men's shoes since I have found Bryan some Prada and Ben Shermans in the past.
This trip I saw multiple pair of great shoes (just not in my size) but I did find these little gems. I spotted them almost immediately and they never left my sticky fingers after that.
I didn't need more black sandals, but I have a thing for Elizabeth and James shoes, especially when they are under $50. I know you probably think "ow" when you see these, but trust me, they are actually comfortable!
After Buffalo, we stopped for lunch at one of our favorite spots, and then I decided to try my luck at Savers. Apparently my luck had run out though, because we found nothing. I admire those who can thrift, but I was reminded yet again that it just isn't for me.
But I'm not complaining. I am perfectly content bringing home my fun "new" shoes. Have you found any "new" treasures lately?
Top: Leith, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Elizabeth and James, Bracelet: Ann Taylor, Ring: Nordstrom


  1. Incredible, Sarah!!!! And those E&J shoes---EEEE!!! What a steal! Practically a giveaway! They look brand new. :D

    Bravo for branching out--this tunic is gorgeous.

  2. Those shoes go perfectly with those pants. I like the wide band at the top of the shoes meeting the hem of the pants.

  3. Awesome sillouette on you with the tunic and superb find with the sandals!

  4. @Heather, thanks. :) I'm still spazzing out over this find.
    @San, very true!
    @Lisa, thanks!