Friday, August 19

life and style: purrrr

TGIF, and I really mean it. What a week! It felt at least 14 days long. I feel like I'm fighting something, and it might be winning. :(
But at least my outfit makes me happy! One thing that takes fashion to actual style is thinking outside the box. It is so easy to wear the same things together and never try new pairings. 
What I always tell people is just TRY. You aren't going to make the world stop spinning if something doesn't end up working out. You aren't going to break anything. But you miss out on a lot if you don't give it a chance.
I mentioned on Wednesday that I took an afternoon to try on one pair of pants with every top I own. That inspired me to try this blouse with every skirt and pant that I own. I don't wear this enough, that's for sure. When I did it was with the expected black or denim. Which is still okay, by the way. ;)
But THIS, I love. In fact, it's one of my current favorite outfits. Meow!
I have realized something lately. It's been scorching hot and I haven't been reaching for dresses like I did last year. What is up with that? I've been wearing cropped pants and shorts (on the weekend) almost exclusively. I promise to add more dresses and skirts next week. Maybe I can figure out why pants are the thing lately.
I have given up on knit dresses, which might be the deal. Knit, no matter how much it costs, pills and wears horribly over one summer that it just isn't worth it to me. You will also notice that I'm wearing less knit tops, too. :)
I hope you have a very happy, healthy weekend!
Blouse: Ann Taylor (archives), Pants: J Brand (archives), Shoes: Nine West, Clutch: Sam Moon (some random store full of random things), Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace and Bracelets: J Crew
One simply can not post about kitties and not share a picture as cute as this. This is our Kimberly. She was having a frisky day, but sat still long enough for me to snap this. We love our girls. :)


  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I so regret not getting this blouse - Ann Taylor has a similar one out though, just waiting for a sale. Kimberly is a cutie!

  2. She has the same cute lil girl snout as Sophie girl. So sweet!! :)

  3. love the animal spots! so cute

    love from San Francisco,

  4. Let me know if you pick that one up, Amy!
    Julie, I know it!
    Britt+Whit, thanks for stopping by!