Wednesday, August 10

life and style: gold

I have been obsessed with this tank since I picked it up a week ago. I want to wear it all the time, and have so many different outfit plans swirling around in my head.
And that, to me, is how you know something belongs in your closet.
I'm notorious for buying stuff and letting it sit around until the return policy window is nearly closed. Not only do those things take up space, but they aren't working for me because I'm not wearing them. If I'm excited to wear something, and actually can't wait to put it on, it's a keeper. This is my new filter for deciding on what to keep or return.
What is your policy for new purchases?
Top: Ann Taylor (archives), Skirt: Ann Taylor (archives), Cardigan: Halogen, Shoes: Nine West, Necklace: Express


  1. Love this tank!! great color!! I love when you get so excited about a new piece and can't wait to wear it like that, that IS a keeper. I try to do the same, i try to wear it as soon as i can and do some mixing and matching to see if it works. I don't like it when i have a piece I think is great but no clue how to style it
    (thankfully having less of those days now, kudos to your site for some of that help :D )

  2. Gaaaaah! The cinnamon blouse strikes again!

    My new policy: I must have at least three ways to wear an item before it claims a spot in my closet. :D

    Cinnamon blouse.....*swoon*

    *chanting* Cobalts, cobalts, cobalts! ;D

  3. Anonymous7:02 AM

    If I don't love it, then I'll return it. I've learned that I have to love something, or it doesn't get worn much. BUT, that being said, sometimes it takes a bit for me to love something - then I'll hesitate even buying it, but if I keep thinking about that item, I'll go back to get it.
    I really like this shirt - in fact, it made me think about going back upstairs to change....(I have a shirt that reminds me of yours.)

  4. *blushing*, thanks @Ginny. :)
    @Heather, in time my friend. ;)
    @Dawn, great policy! I'm glad the color was inspiring. :)

  5. Great tank, you know it's a keeper when you keep wearing a new find. I really like the golds against this color tank.

  6. Thanks Lisa! I can't wear this enough. :)