Monday, August 29

life and style: checkered

There is a very fine line between a ruts and themes. I love neutrals, especially monochromatic black and white...grays, silvers, creams, and taupes. It looks rich, yet effortless to my eye.
So I wear it frequently. The trick is to switch it up enough to keep it interesting and not wear the same combinations or accessories every.single.time. Adding textures and subtle (or not so subtle) patterns, etc.
The pink pop of lipstick helps keep an otherwise classic look modern.
What is your current favorite look? How are you finding ways to repeat it without getting stuck in a rut?
Blouse: Halogen (archives), Pants: Gap (archives), Jacket: Rag and Bone, Shoes: Nine West, Ring and Necklace: Express


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    VERY nice! I love this look! You are inspiring me, girl! ;) I hope to do a post on some of these things soon!

  2. I am completely in a blue rut. At least half my closet is blue. And since I wear jeans almost everyday, that's already half a blue outfit daily. I mix up the blues with the details, some prints, some solids in different shapes, to make it interesting.