Wednesday, August 31

life and style: blue suede shoes

People often ask me how do I know when I purchase something that it will become a wardrobe staple and be as versatile as possible.
The truth? I don't!
I, like the rest of you, never really know what the future holds for new purchases. Sometimes I see things and think, man, I love that! And then I buy it. And then it sits there. For awhile. And then I wear it once or twice out of obligation, and then it sits some more.
Other times I wear things straight away, over and over and over again.
And then there are things that I get because "I love that!", wear it maybe once, tuck it away, and then "rediscover" it one day down the road. Only to realize it's like my favorite thing I own.
That's this blouse. I got it a year or so ago at Ann Taylor because honestly? I couldn't quite justify buying the dress in the same print instead. So I got the blouse as a sort of consolation prize. The print itself really stood out to me, so it wasn't a complete binge. But all the while I kept pining for the dress, and eventually forgot I even had the blouse.
Lately, though, I've become obsessed with animal prints (again?), and I'm wearing this top about once a week. I'm back ordered on outfit ideas, too! This is why I suggest keeping things that fit well, even if you don't wear them much. Store them out of sight so that you can rediscover them sometime down the road. It's like Christmas opening the tub or spare closet, I promise! ;)
I feel like the straight, dark denim and blue suede pumps give an almost retro yet modern touch to the look.
What former cobweb-catching items are you falling in love with all over again?
Top: Ann Taylor (archives), Jeans: J Brand via Buffalo Exchange (archives), Shoes: Franco Sarto (archives), Necklace: J Crew, Bracelets: gifted, Banana Republic, J Crew


  1. Fantastic!! You look STUNNING!! Love your outfit posts...and the inspiration you give me.

  2. Thank you Karissa. Really. :)

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I love that outfit. I really like how the shirt compliments the straight leg jeans. I am totally eyeing this season's AT leopard print blouse.

  4. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Love it! I just finally found a leopard print blouse that is going to be getting lots of use! So on my way to find that feather top at F21, I popped into Old Navy because I had some coupons and found these blouses
    They are really cute and the fit is nice, thought you might like them as I know you are focusing on wovens.
    I spent enough there though I wasn't sure if I needed the feather top too - such hard decisions! : )

  5. This outfit is so great! I love the top and the jeans. I never would have thought to pair blue shoes with it but now that I see it I think it looks fantastic.

  6. Anon, I hope you get as much use with your blouse as I do. :)
    Amy, great find! I'll have to check it out. And yes, so many pretty things, so hard to choose!
    Thanks, Erin!

  7. Great strategy, hiding pieces away and re-discovering them! You look fabulous and I love those blue shoes.

  8. I would never have thought to pair those shoes with this outfit, and it 100% works. Nice job!

  9. Anonymous10:45 AM

    This is truly awesome! Now I really want a beautiful animal print blouse AND some cobalt shoes.

    Love the Christmas analogy! ;)