Tuesday, August 30

makeup storage

I have accumulated a lot of makeup over the years. I don't toss all makeup after six months, only those things that touch the water line in my eye. Primarily liners and mascaras. I typically use those up within six months (or less) anyway, though.
But back to the "lot of makeup". ;)
I have this great storage train case that my husband got me. It's perfect for storing makeup or traveling with my makeup. But it has been a bit tricky to use for my every day makeup. For starters, it is pretty full. And then it takes time to lug it out and pull out just what I need for that day, and then put it away. So more often than not, I'd have piles of products on my counter for days on end, and I'd sift through it all every morning (while I was already rushed) just looking for the few things I use on a regular basis.
So I created a plan for the products and tools I use most often. It was somewhat inspired by my jewelry as art project.
I decided to display my products as part of the decor. It's practical and functional, yet doesn't look too ugly or out of place with the rest of our space. And so far, it's worked really well. I haven't left the counter top messy in a long time. :)
I had two tiny bud vases that I use for my brushes, pencils and tools, and then I found an old bamboo box that I've had since college and put my foundation, concealer, mascara, bronzer, blushes and powder in there.
I use the same eyeshadows 85% of the time. When I want something extra or have more time, I'll bring out my train case and play with all of my colours.
MAC eyeshadows are among my favorite, and sometime last year I switched from buying the full size shadows to getting them in the refill pan sizes. They fit neatly in the MAC 15-shadow palette. This, as well as my Urban Decay palette, look neat propped up behind my glass vases.
My lip products are stored in a clear zip bag for now, that fits neatly on top of my train case. Most often I wear about two shades during the week, and those are kept in my handbag. Everything else is easily visible in this bag if I want to switch it up.
How do you store your makeup? Do you have as much as I do? ;)


  1. whoa! I had no idea you had such an awesome collection! Mine just grew 50% over the weekend-- thanks to a beauty party/ product launch @MAC.

    Good move on the 15 pan, I just picked one up as well. The shadows are cheaper in the refill size (although possibly smaller?), there's less packaging waste, they are easier to store, and more likely to be used if in my line of sight. I also have a 4 pan for travel/ my gym bag/ my go to colors!
    P.S. I love the Highline perfume too! I'm still working through a sample I picked up but I'm looking forward to buying the full bottle. This is my happy scent!

  2. phd, yes, the refill sizes are smaller, but it takes me forever to actually finish even that size.
    I also have the four palette size for travel. So convenient, no? What are you loving from the latest MAC release?

  3. I'm cracking up! Are you by chance on a makeup site (that I don't dare name here...first rule!)? If so, I'll see you on there! I've been on there for years!

  4. Hm, no. I'm not on any make up sites. Care to share? :)

  5. Wow, that is a super train case/make-up collection! You are really good at picking out different looks that all seem to work on you. I stick to one or two tried and two looks at a time (one summer, one winter look) and have a smaller sized collection as a result.