Tuesday, August 23

in the headlines: J Crew, falling back in love?

It is true, I fell out of love with J Crew. Their price increase and quality decrease is the main reason.
However, I took a spin in J Crew over the weekend and I feel like I owe it to my former flame to share the little gems I did see.
I've been obsessed with stripes lately, so don't be surprised at how many you see here. ;)
Everything available at JCrew.com.
I adore little toppers like this! May as well grab the pants while I'm at it.
This blouse has me written all over it. It also has an expensive price tag written all over it, so now comes the big wait.
I love earthy, chunky toppers like this. They bring a down-to-earth vibe to my usual polished style (like the outfit below). I'll take the whole outfit, please!
This blouse almost took my breath away. Available in stripes (above) and solid (below).

This sparkly even had my husband take a second glance!
I'm obsessed with taupe silk. Enough said.
I did end up getting this last sweater, but now it's an additional 30% off. They do this on purpose, don't they. But with shipipng at $8.95, it may not be worth re-ordering. :(
My closet needs these pants. So do I. Sadly everyone elses' did too, because they are sold out in store also.

You will notice no knits or dresses in my post. I have officially broken up with J Crew knits. They stretch and pill horribly. But their wovens are still quite nice, and definitely deserve a try. If they go on sale. And if you find it in-store so you don't pay ridiculous shipping. Their dresses just fit me odd. I always leave the store feeling like my body must be half alien because dresses never fit. :(
So I'm certainly not over J Crew, but they will have to work a little harder to get me back.


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I hate that when there is a sale right after you buy something! Seems to always happen to me when I buy something full price...

  2. i am definitely loving stripes right now, too! i've never bought anything from J Crew, but i REALLY love the sleeveless stripe top you posted and the striped sweater . . . hmmmmmm. plus, i just bought some mustard-yellow pants last week!

  3. Karen Stauss7:50 PM

    Sorry but I am in crushing on J.Crew... esp the Jackie cardigan and the Blythe silk blouse. Both are my current loves.

  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Sarah please call them; I am certain they will do a price adjustment for you without your having to re-order the item. Good luck!

  5. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I agree, call for a price adjustment.

  6. I've noticed J Crew has been upping their game; they fell into a ruffles rut the last couple of years but they're are looking inspired again!

  7. I can never fit into their skirts. They are always too short (and I am only 5'3") and they never seem made for a woman with some hips. Neat striped tops though. It's nice to see less ruffles and embellishment for a change on their stuff.