Tuesday, August 16

in the headlines: chanel graphite nail colour

I've been on a nail polish binge lately, trying on so many different shades and formulas. I'll be the first to admit that I'm picky what goes on my fingers and toes.
I am not a metallic or sparkly girl in general, however, I saw this Chanel le Vernis Nail Colour in Graphite, and had to try it. I have other Chanel polishes, so I knew the quality was good already. Twenty-five bucks is a lot to plop down on a nail polish (don't worry, readers, my Chanel polishes have Revlon neighbors, and everything in between), so I don't do it often. But I thought this particular shade was worth it.
For starters, it's actually a pretty warm hue of silver, which was what drew me to the color initially. Skin tone has a lot to do with what shades I like or don't, and I've always avoided silver because it didn't do a lot for me. But the warmer, almost coppery tone totally works.
Secondly, the sparkle is fairly subdued. You don't really notice it unless your fingers are at a certain angle. It's just the right amount for me!
Have you tried any great polishes lately? What's currently on your fingers and toes?


  1. Reader :)9:25 AM

    I'm obsessed with nailpolish lately too, though I've never tried Chanel. I have been buying mostly OPI with a bit of China Glaze thrown in. Right now, I'm wearing China Glaze Strawberry Field, a beautiful fuschia with a gold shimmer. There are sparkles in the formula, but they are very subtle. My all time favorite nail polish colors are OPI Smokin' 'n Havana followed by OPI Rosy Mistletoesie.

  2. My 3 year old gifted me with emerald green nail polish for my birthday (her choice) and we both currently have that on our toes. My husband was surprised because he loves it. I like it for fall. :)