Friday, August 5


I am squizzing out over my white toes. I posted yesterday about how much I like nail polish, and I couldn't wait to share my white polish with you. It's so fun! I admit after I first painted them, my white toe nails kept catching my eye, like, what's that? Oh.
We are now over 50 days of 100+ degree temps this year. It's oppressive. :( Look, even the trees have had enough - they want it to be autumn already! ;)
Sometimes dressing in cooler shades (and having white on your toes, hehe) makes you feel cooler. Try it! We'll take anything we can get, right?
I can't believe it's already the weekend again. We don't have any concrete plans, so I imagine I'll catch up on some domestic things (ie: chores), swim a few times, and probably make my massive returns trip to Nordstrom. Whenever the Anniversary Sale rolls around I always shop in three batches (pre-sale, in-store during the sale, and online). Once everything arrives I do one (long) assessment and then make all my returns in one trip. It takes two of us. :oO
Sweater: JCrew (archives), Tank: Old Navy, Pants: J Brand (archives), Shoes: Elizabeth and James (archives), Necklace: JCrew


  1. Rachel9:40 AM

    Love the feel of this outfit...relaxed but so flattering. Those pants are to die for!

  2. Fashion Girl in So Cal10:10 AM

    I just love your accessories. Twice in recent memory I loved a necklace or a bracelet, saw you indicate it was from J.Crew so excitedly I headed over to their website and nope, not there :( You have great pieces and I enjoy your site very much.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks, Rach. My biggest fan. O:)
    And Fashion Girl, unfortunately most of my accessories are old. I think I picked up the enamel bracelet circa 2008 and the necklace was no later than 2009. But keep checking, because they frequently have great enamel bracelets and beaded necklaces depending on the season.

  4. I noticed your white toes right away in the first photo. They look great, especially with your tan. :)

    The heat is really depressing me. I keep looking up the temps in Seattle and Boise (I know, I'm just torturing myself). I wish I could get out of Austin for two weeks and go recharge someplace much cooler. I think I might be able to handle the temps better. It's kind of like being in the middle of a long run, I guess. The middle is always the hardest for me. :)

  5. Sigh, Ana. I know. It just sucks the life out of you a little, doesn't it. :(
    It helped me when we went to Seattle/Newport for a week, but I'm ready to go back until this blows over.

  6. Fashion Girl in So Cal5:59 PM

    Sarah, I'm a big fan of Crossfit - you're doing great and looking great btw! Congrats on all you've achieved.

    Your blog has definitely inspired me. I will start paying more attention to what accessories are in the stores. The necklace in today's entry looks like it would be so great with jeans. And I love cardigans - yours today is nice! Great outfit.

    Thanks for inspiring me - have a great weekend!

  7. This is a lovely soft look on you, and a nice change from the black in your wardrobe. You should add more soft colors, you wear them well! And super matching job with the necklace and pants!