Wednesday, August 3

arm party

Today's post is yet another submission for Pretty Shiny Sparkly's "Bloggers Do It Better" series. This time around, the challenge was to wear multiple items on one wrist...something Kristina calls "Arm Party".
Not too long ago I started wearing multiple items on one arm, generally a watch and a bracelet. So wearing more than two items is something I haven't done.
Typically, it seems a little much for the office, but I do think it's fun for casual or non work looks. It seems like a lot when you put it on, but as you can see in photos, it really has an arty appeal that doesn't take over the look like you expect it could.
Bryan and I had a few errands to run yesterday evening, so I grabbed a simple tank top, my jeans, super tall wedges, and started piling on my bracelets.
From top (closest to my elbow) to bottom, I chose:
Cubic zirconia bangles (J Crew)
Multi-chain bracelet (Target)
Black and Ivory cuff (J Crew)
Gold cut out cuff (from my Grandma)
We drove by this pasture and thought the black cows would make for a great backdrop, but by the time we ran our errands and circled back around they had moved on. One day, I will have cows on my blog post. ;)
Top: Ann Taylor, Jeans: J Brand "Babe" flares, Shoes: Elizabeth & James, Bracelets (various, see above), Ring: Express


  1. Love your arm party!!! I really love the black/white bangle. Not too much, not too little!!

  2. I thought the arm party was for your muscles. 'Cuz they look awesome and all that. :-)

  3. @Leah, thanks!
    @Brenda, I won't deny they are part of the fun. ;)

  4. ARM PARTY!!!!! I LOVE IT, SARAH!!! <3<3<3<3

    New cinnamon blouse in full effect already. Brilliant.

  5. LOL, thanks enabler friend. ;)

  6. Rachel9:59 AM

    Ooo, the shades too! The color of the top is really great on you, and mutually compliments your arm party. :)

  7. Really love your look!! This challenge has been a lot of fun :)

    robyn of

  8. I really love that link cuff from your's beautiful! and the black/white enamel is great too. love your arm party!

  9. I saw the arm party challenge on PSS. I like yours. If you put cows in your pictures, I think I will die laughing... and love you forever, you little transplant. :) You will have to wear cowgirl boots, ya know.

    PS: Hook 'em.

  10. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Hey I participated in the BDIB challenge too! I came across your link and I'm loving your arm party! Love those jeans too! It's so hard to find jeans the scheme the ground!

  11. i love your mix of colors and textures. the bracelets are all so cute! and you have arms to show off, so keep wearing them!!

  12. Jamil1:18 PM

    Very cute! Lovin the bracelets & the jeans! =)

  13. Great outfit, I really like all the detail the "arm candy" brings to an otherwise simple look. I rarely wear bracelets and never tried layering them. Neat idea!

  14. Love the look you created! And I have to say, you're making me a fan of wide leg jeans.

    BTW - nice layout... I'm sporting the same on my blog!


  15. @ Rach, thanks. ;)
    @ Robyn, I think so too!
    @ Mae, those are my two faces too.
    @ jem... I searched for the perfect jeans forever!
    @ birds, you're so kind. :)
    @ Jen, I love skinnies, but deep down I'm a wide leg girl.

  16. Jamil and Lisa, thank you!

  17. Love the arm-party. That is so much fun to see all those great stacked bracelets. Yours are cool!

  18. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Love it! The backdrop really works for the arm party, and I hope one day you get cows in the pics. :) Love the bracelets, especially your grandma's. That's really cool. :)

  19. love the combination of clack, white and gold!
    you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee