Thursday, July 28

up a notch

Lately I have been focusing on returning to my style roots, and embracing who I am when it comes to my style. It's so easy to get distracted by all the great blogs, websites, and retail stores out there.
I get distracted all the time! So this week I've been focusing on rekindling my love for all things glam and chic - so all things me. I typically wear this sweater casually, so I was inspired to try it a little dressier. I think I love this even more! It has an Alexander Wang vibe to it.
There is nothing wrong with being distracted or appreciating different things, but it is very important to me that I stay true to myself. It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed with trying to "keep up". Do you ever feel that way? It's a big world out there with so much to buy, wear, and be styled!
I feel like I'm finally learning to appreciate other styles without feeling the need (or obsession, whatever) to recreate or replicate them.
Anybody with me?
Sweater: Ann Taylor (archives), Tank: Target, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Nine West, Watch: Michael Kors, Chains: Express + F21, Ring: Harolds


  1. I've learned it's "ok" to let a new style or trend pass me by. It's more fun to pick and choose which will work for my personal preference than trying to sport every trend as they come. I try to keep in mind my natural preferences when assessing a new trend for myself. For example, I enjoy the colored pants trend right now, but in the past I never liked lighter colored bottoms on myself, so I don't expect to like the brighter one's either. I'm letting this one pass me by. And boho is also coming back, well I've always liked wearing cowboy boots with jeans so I am happy to embrace some wider flares to wear with my boots.

  2. GInny9:42 AM

    love this sweater looks good. I do know what you mean about getting overwhelmed sometimes. this past week I have been trying to shop my closet instead of looking and buying anymore to add. ( that is the plan this month anyway, lol) Sometimes i think alittle shopping hold makes you try and appreciate things in the closet and remix them, which you are good at inspiring here.

  3. Rachel10:01 AM

    Yeah, I think it's the difference between using fashion to express yourself, rather than letting yourself be dictated by whatever is fashionable. It's fun to try new things too, but important to not lose confidence in who you are. Great post and outfit, KILLER heels. Le sigh.

  4. Great points, Lisa. I like surrounding myself with things that are more "me" because it keeps me inspired in my own style.
    It's fine to branch out now and again, but it sort of stresses me in a way, and I feel obligated to do it "right" and then it becomes less me.
    That's true, Ginny. The more your closet is filled with you, the more possibilities you have for great remixing. :)

  5. Getting there, slowly but steadily! It's so much more fun to explore a style of my own than wearing what everybody else is wearing just because it's "in":)