Wednesday, July 20

the un-suit

Add a black jacket to just about anything and it's insta-work-appropriate. My work is pretty laid back, and since I'm the only girl, I sort of set my own dress code. Which is great because I can dress up or down, or creative, or conservative depending on my mood.
So I probably have about six black jackets, but who's counting? Besides my husband? ;)
I got these sandals not long ago, and they are more and more comfortable with each wear. The first time I wore them was a bit wobbly, but they've "broken in" so to speak. Thankfully, because I imagine I'll be using them a lot this summer. I love the shape. As much as I love heels (and feel quite frumpy without them) the older I get, the more I want comfortable options. Win win!
Jacket: Express, Tank: Target, Pants: JCrew (archives, yack! with the old camera), Shoes: Steve Madden "Riddgge", Bracelet: F21

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  1. I've become such a blazer lover, any outfit is better with a blazer added to it isn't it? :)