Tuesday, July 12

summer vacation III

I'm warning you now, the next two posts contain an awful lot of work out wear.
I really don't have a problem wearing it in public if I am indeed working out, on my way TO working out, or on my way back FROM working out.
We worked out three days in Seattle so not only did I have to pack regular clothes, but I had to pack workout wear. In order to keep our suitcase count to one, I chose to wear workout wear more often as street clothes than I typically do.
Sue me. :D

After a workout on Saturday (and a fab breakfast at a breakfast/pizza joint in Tacoma) we decided to go kayaking in Seabeck, WA. Seabeck is out just a little ways from where my family lives, and it is known for beautiful beaches and lots of eagle sightings.
Although we were disappointed with the news that the kayaks were not available for rent that day, we were able to wander the waterfront for a little while, and counted up to 10 eagles in that short time. They are truly magnificent in the wild. It never gets old!

Although I grew up here, I don't really think I appreciated the beauty of what I had until I left. On clear days, it is one of the most beautiful spots on earth!

After we cleaned up from our excursion, we met my parents for dinner before we headed off to the second portion of our vacation. I love my parents and I wish I could see them more often. Just like the scenery I grew up with, I don't think I fully learned to appreciate what I had at home until I moved away. :)


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Looks like LOTS of fun! Was the weather cool? Those beach pics wearing JEANS made me feel warm!

  2. SusanJane11:41 AM

    Your work out clothes are cute. Good strategy to wear them out in casual settings to cut down on what you pack. We are heading "home" to Seattle (and then on to the San Juan Islands) on Friday for a vacation with my family, so I especially appreciate your northwest photos.

  3. Your family looks lovely. How neat you got to see eagles. Smart move to pack and wear workout clothes. Sometimes casual is the way to go. You look great in your workout wear!

  4. Anonymous3:13 PM

    These are beautiful pictures; thanks for continuing to share!

  5. What a great trip. Glad you were able to get home and enjoy time with your family.

    Also, I love your sunglasses. What a great shape for you.

  6. Dawn, some of my family is from AZ, and we are from TX, so 70 degrees *is* cold. :D
    Thanks, Kristen, my husband found these in a parking lot out of state (at a ball game, so finding the owner was impossible) and I convinced him they looked better on me than they did on him. O:)