Monday, July 11

summer vacation II

On day two we just relaxed, spent some time in the hot tub and checked out my sister's Crossfit box. It's fun working out in other boxes because you can learn new things and you also realize you aren't so far behind after all. :)
Day three we went back to the box for another butt kicking session, and then went to dinner as a family to celebrate the birthdays of my older sister and my younger sister's husband.
It is so meaningful to me to be able to spend time with the people I love the most. It's hard being the only one so far away, but we make up for it those few weeks a year we have together.
We got my older sister a workout outfit (as much as I love clothes, fashion, makeup, etc, I have just as much fun shopping for workout wear) and every one pitched in to get my brother in law an iPad.
He was surprised.
I am the middle of three girls, and although we are quite similar in some ways, we are actually very different for the most part.
One similarity is that despite our clothing differences, we all love handbags. :D
Check out the rest of my trip highlights tomorrow! :)


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    :) me too re: the handbags (maybe because handbags always fit?)!!
    Looks like fun. Must be difficult to be away from family - thankfully travel isn't as difficult as it used to be years ago!

  2. What a beautiful family Sarah!! You all look so happy together. Lucky you to have a close loving family!

  3. looks like you have such a close family!! that's so special. I don't know what Id do without mine. My sister and I also share a huge passion for handbags and anything fashion! XO

  4. Yea for you!!! Always good to be able to go home and visit!! I know how that can be!!! Sisters are as pretty as you!!! Glad you are having fun!!!! Enjoy, enjoy!!!!

  5. What a lovely group of sisters, you certainly see the family resemblance. My sister and I enjoy shopping together and plan once a year for an all day marathon every year.

  6. Is that your sister in the first pic? Your're both so cute!! Love your outfit!

  7. You and your sister look SO alike! And both are so fashionable. I am coveting your sister's bag.

    I copied your white Linea Pelle bag, thank you SO much for the idea. It's fabulous.

  8. MFT, Yes that is my "little" sister! And Kristen, thanks. :) My sister's bag is by Fossil. It's lucious.