Monday, July 11

summer vacation I

Most people probably don't think of "Pacific Northwest" and "summer vacation" in the same sentence, but that's exactly where we went.
Escaping the heat was a priority for sure, but most importantly, we got to visit my family! I'm originally from the Seattle area, and it's always a treat to go home.
I prefer flying comfortably, yet smartly. Even though it was toasty in Austin when we left, I need layers for chilly flights and cooler destinations. I chose simple layers, shorter hemmed jeans (Michael Kors, via Amy), and my "flat" sandals.
I only carry exactly what I need on the plane, and check the rest. Baggage claims are usually pretty quick (unless it's around the holidays) and carrying extra bulk through airports is no way to start a vacation. I keep makeup simple (obviously, haha!).
My bag is new, yes. I love it! I found it just a day before we left and couldn't wait to make use of it. It's brand new in stores now, but I scored a lucky deal at TJMaxx. I never shop there anymore, but Bryan needed some sunglasses. ;)
In my bag, I only pack the essentials...wallet, phone, lip gloss, gum, a pen, and any flight/travel information I need. Bryan carries a backpack with books, magazines, and our iPad.
My "big" sister picked us up from the airport and took us to Beechers straight away. Cheese, nom nom. I love cheese. We don't eat much of it for various reasons, but it's such a treat from time to time. I had the famous Mac 'n Cheese, and they had sandwiches and soup. Definitely a must if you head to Seattle!
No trip to Seattle is complete without stopping by the original Starbucks.
After our coffee stop, we hopped on the ferry to meet my other sister and brother in law on the Bremerton side of the Peninsula. If you haven't been to that area, it can be very confusing because of how the water snakes through land. Other than a teeny, tiny strip of land, I basically grew up on an island.
After relaxing for a few hours, we went to sleep fully anticipating what the rest of the week would hold.


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Enjoy your time at "home"! Looking good!
    PS I bought a BRACELET on Friday!!!! You're inspiring me!!!

  2. You and your sister look beautiful Sarah, and Brian is so handsome. I can see how getting some relief from the Texas heat by coming home would be refreshing, not to mention coming home to your family.
    I love Beecher's cheese. Can you find it in the grocery stores in Texas? Angie took me there a few years ago for the first time and I fell for their original, I think that's what is is called.
    Great pictures of the airport, market, and Starbucks too.

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I am missing living in Seattle right now - Seattle really does have Austin beat for summer weather. Thanks for posting these pics!

    I spent three weeks in Minnesota and my MIL took me to Nordstrom's at the Mall of America for some shopping and lunch at the cafe. I really miss the salads at Nordstrom's, and the burgers they made at the Grill in the downtown Seattle Nordstrom's.

    I hope you are indulging in some great seafood and Asian fare. And I love the bright cherry handbag with the warm neutral top. Very sophisticated!

  4. Thanks you all. :)
    Rebekah, have you been to the Barton Nordstrom yet? Their cafe is quite nice. Not Seattle nice, but very close. They have fab food...their Thai Beef Salad is nom nom. :)

  5. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Yum, Beecher's is the best! Looks like you had a great trip, next time you come to visit we should try and meet for coffee! (and maybe a little shopping : ) )

  6. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Yum, Beecher's is the best! Looks like you had a fun trip, next time you come to visit we should try and meet for coffee (or perhaps a little shopping!)

  7. Wonderful that you got to spend time with your family. Gorgeous new bag, love the red color! And great traveling outfit, when I travel I also prefer layers and I like to wear low heel shoes or even flats. You never know when you have to run to catch a plane.

  8. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Can I ask where the sweater is from? Love it!

  9. Thanks Anony! The sweater is from Target sometime last year. It's just a shawl collar cardigan...not sure if they still have it. My store doesn't.