Thursday, July 14

the maxi

Here is my submission for part 5 of Pretty Shiny Sparkly's "Bloggers Do It Better". This challenge is all about the maxi skirt.
I've already embraced dresses, but skirts are something new.
I paired my skirt with a new blouse from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and some clogs I bought at an end of season sale at Piperlime awhile back.
The belt has a lot of history. It belonged to my great grandfather, a rancher from the hills of central California.
My grandfather kept a lot of his father's things, and when my grandfather passed away recently, we found some great treasures that he'd saved for us. The belt is indeed a horseshoe. You can insert Texas belt buckle jokes here. Heh.
I admit I love this's "artsy" as my husband calls it. ;) But now I'm actually hunting for more maxi skirts. I've seen some great prints as well as some lovely shapes. I just don't know if I can justify getting more. Yet. But in all fairness, it's surprising to me how cool they are. And who doesn't need more of that!
That's what I love about this BDIB forces me to think outside the box and try even more new things and combinations. Check out all the submissions when they are posted tomorrow!
Blouse: Hinge, Skirt: Matty M, Shoes: Charles David "Gia", Belt: Great grandfathers, Bracelet: Boutique, Watch: Gifted


  1. The maxi skirt is a refreshing change from the pencil skirts you sometimes wear. The maxi has lots of flow and a softness to the look that pencil skirt just cannot mimic. The new top is stunning on you, I did not see that top during my pre-select appointment. And I am glad you kept the clogs, they are so fun! I think it would look great with your black crochet top too.

    How sweet that you can wear a vintage belt that was in the family. I enjoy when items have an association or positive memory to them. An extra special outfit.

  2. Sweet! I've not braved long skirts since ATI days, but that really works in a very stylin' way. Nice pairing!

  3. I love the new studded peep-toe wedges..they go perfectly with the maxi skirt!

  4. The blouse and maxi look great together! I love items that have a back story, makes them even more special =)

  5. Love how you successfully combined black, blue and brown to create this look. I'm always nervous about trying that. - Katy

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Given that Austin is a pretty casual town, you've mastered an evening look that can be taken to a symphony or a nice dinner at Perry's. I like the sophistication of the drape. Ordinarily I would have paired a trimmer top with the flowy skirt, but I think your choice of billowy top cinched with the heavy belt is better. Nice job.

  7. This black and blue combination looks really nice!

  8. love those wedges and the brown belt with the other neutral colors. it all works really well together.