Wednesday, July 27


This hot weather can't be complained about enough. I realize you are all probably very tired of my rants, but it is just SO.HOT.
I was running a little behind so I didn't get a chance to snap my photos till the end of the day.
It doesn't get more real than this, ladies and gents. :)
Work, pet store, and grocery store all take a toll when it's over 100 out. The short walks to and from my car are all it takes to go from fab to drab. "I'm meeeeelting!"
I love this jacket, but it's been to warm to wear it (most days I take a plain jacket to wear at the office in the a/c, but don't wear one out and about), so I decided to try it as my top instead of as a layering piece.
It's not snug, so it did feel a little cooler than a traditional long sleeved top would.
I added a pop of pink lipstick to add a little life to my look.
Speaking of life, it's probably time I water that bear grass. Hm.
Jacket: Hinge (archives), Skirt: AT, Shoes: DKNYC, Necklace: F21


  1. I've seen you wear this jacket before as a topper and it is super cute styled this way as a top on it's own too. What a versatile piece!

  2. Ana Jackson8:53 PM

    Even after running around all day, you still look great! :)