Thursday, July 21

lady for a day and POLL: Yes or No

Some days I just feel like being more feminine. This dress is more of a fringe item in my closet, meaning it doesn't fit in with my mainstream style as well as other things, but I still really like wearing it when I'm in the mood.
We are well into summer here, and at 105 degrees nothing is easier than an unlined knit dress. Can't be beat.

Speaking of being hot, I have been repulsed by the idea of using my hairdryer lately. Ugh. I am already hot and uncomfortable, so aiming a 200 degree constant air stream at my head is not pleasant. My latest trick is to wash my hair in the evening, comb some Moroccon Oil through it, part it, and let it dry overnight on a towel over my pillow.
In the morning I apply a little more oil to tame frizzies, and then wrap random sections (maybe 8 at the most?) of hair around the outside of a curling iron barrel (I don't use the clamp). I use CHI Pliable Polish to seal the ends of the curl, spray with hairspray to set, and I'm done. :)

POLL: Yes or No?
I like my white jacket, but something seems a little lab coat to me. I think it's the buttons. Should I change them out?

Dress: Ann Taylor (archives), Jacket: Express (archives), Shoes: Nine West "Rocha", Watch: Fossil, Ring: Martin + Osa


  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    YES on the dress, omg it's soo pretty and it flatters your figure so well!!

    You could change the buttons, but it looks cool and relaxed the way you're styling it right now.



  2. Ginny9:30 AM

    Great dress looks nice. I think blue is a good color for you. I like the cut of the jacket alot.I see what you mean about the buttons, changing them out is a good idea it'll give the jacket a little more interest too I think.

  3. Yes!!! LOVE that dress!!

  4. Change the buttons or try a pin on the jacket if it will make you more comfortable. I like it as is!

  5. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Military buttons would be so cute!

  6. That dress looks GREAT on you!

    I feel the same way about the white blazer I just bought-- mine only has one button, though. I never thought about changing it out.

    I'm not big fan of the military style buttons myself, but that would definitely add an interesting detail.

  7. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I love this dress on you, so figure flattering. I like the jacket as is, not lab coat to me! I actually went a tried this jacket on but it was a little longer than I wanted on me. And I love your hair like this!

  8. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Love the jacket. I took the way too white buttons off mine and added mother of pearl ones. Still looks light and classy...not lab coat like!

  9. I like the dress especially with the blazer. I don't mind a button switch but think you should go with a low contrast button instead. If you do something bold it may limit your styling options with the blazer.

  10. I'm with Lisa, Sarah. The dress looks fab on you, the white jacket cools it down even more. If you put gold buttons on the jacket, you'll need a gold necklace, and it looks like you tried too hard. I like it as is, or maybe with the pearl buttons.

  11. i can't remember; have you ever belted that jacket? could be a neat look.

    you look fantastic.


  12. I love my white blazer and wear it all the time in the spring/summer. I like yours too, but I think you're right - it's a keeper, but you should to switch out the buttons.

  13. Anonymous1:49 PM

    no, keep it as is --the buttons already on it suit the style - it looks crisp and tailored. i work in a hospital and lab coats are all i see. this does not look like a lab coat to me.

  14. I like the jacket as is. Great look.