Friday, July 8


I need to stop e-stalking Kristina at Pretty Shiny Sparkly. But I can't help it. She's gorgeous, and I love her style.
One of the first posts of hers that I wanted to replicate was this one. I couldn't believe the top was from Forever21, but naturally it had sold out and I was SOL.
The other day I was browsing tops at F21, and lo and behold the top was back in stock! And for the price of mere beans. Unfortunately it's sold out again. :)

I strongly encourage you to seek inspiration when it comes to what you wear and how you wear it. I glean inspiration from bloggers or store sites or catalogs, but it is rare these days that I will out and out copy a look.
I will say, I think it's important to be strong in your own style and fashion choices, but as long as you don't neglect who you are, you can use others to inspire you to be better. I have checked out many blogs, but I only visit a handful regularly.
What or who inspires you? Do you copy looks? If so, do you still feel true to yourself? Is that even important?

Top: Forever21, Jeans: JBrand, Shoes: Franco Sarto, Watch: Gifted, Bracelets: JCrew


  1. I find all my inspiration online. Blogger websites, store websites, and random internet searching are my ways to find outfit ideas. I often look for a feature in the outfit that I like. Perhaps it's a flared jean, or an outfit with a scarf, then I think of how I can copy it with what I own. If I love an item, I'll go out and try to find it, but I try not to do that too often. In the past 6 months, I've only copied three items exactly that I've seen on others: a butterfly print blouse from Asos, a Peacock print blouse from Hinge, and a Lilac shirt (that you just may have, tee hee) from AT. While I plan to copy the outfits I've seen on others with these pieces, I also plan to remix them in my own way for new outfit combinations to keep it fun and fresh. One of my favorite things, is to see how an item can be remixed in new ways in outfits again and again. Clothes are too expensive and hard to find a proper fit and color to let them sit unworn in the closet, let's make them get a workout. :)

  2. Ginny6:29 PM

    I find inspiration online, fom bloggers and some mags. I like to try to copy some outfits i see other women wearing and put a twist to make it me. The day you had your inspire from Pippa outfit on I thought it looked great!! I have not been able to find a good pair of white jeans but i did have white capris and a royal blue lacey shirt!! I liked it and got loads of compliments on it which is always a bonus!!! I think getting inspiration from others helps keep your look fresh and remembering things in your closet that might have slipped my mind!!!

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Isn't the top so much fun? I like your take on my outfit. Those jeans are to die for! Keep up the great style sweetie

  4. That apricot color is really lovely on you.

    I get inspiration from my own closet, to be honest. I like putting different combinations of what I have together, challenging myself not to repeat an outfit top to bottom.

    But I love seeing other bloggers, just to remind myself there are many different ways to be stylish beyond my own preferences.

  5. Great point about not letting things be wasted, Lisa. Ginny, I need to see that outfit!
    Kristina, I'm honored you stopped by! You have inspired me in many ways, and I love participating in BDIB!
    Kristen, that's great. I think I'm finally getting to the point where I feel comfortable mixing what I have.

  6. Ginny8:02 PM

    hey Sarah, didn't know how to post or send a photo to you, posted my first WIW on YLF, any comments welcome!! thanks chic!!