Monday, July 25


Yesterday Bryan and I went to see Captain America at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater here in Austin. I love going on dates with Bryan, and as much as I love fancy dates, I really enjoy fun afternoon dates.
And I REALLY enjoy action/hero/adventure movies, so it was a great day.
Bryan and I have been in a challenge of sorts with my sister and brother in law to stay focused on our fitness and nutrition goals, and since we got home from our vacation I've lost 8 pounds. It has been empowering because I've never felt deprived or robbed of anything "good" the entire time. I'm surpassing weight goals, even though pounds on the scale is not my intent anymore. I feel stronger, leaner, and more in charge of my life and health.
Alamo is known for it's great shakes and yummy pizzas, and I admit for a split second I was tempted, but I powered through and we stuck with hummus and veggies, and some dark chocolate covered almonds.
And wouldn't you know, we still enjoyed the movie. :D
Top: Ann Taylor (archives), Shorts: 7FAM, Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunnies: Ray Ban, Ring: Martin + Osa


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    This makes me want to get some denim shorts! Except I barely wear the shorts I already own because it barely gets hot here! Good job on staying on track!

  2. Look at those arms! I can see some definition in there, super! It's been fun watching you slim and tone, and not just slim. I'm not a fan of super skinny on myself or others. You are looking so strong and healthy! And I see the new black watch is here too, it's such a fun timepiece.

  3. Tehe, thanks Lisa. I've been working hard, not only on my nutrition, but also no my overall strength training. It's been fun to see the changes as I incorporate both aspects of healthy living.
    And thanks for pointing out the watch, I forgot to mention it!

  4. Ana Jackson12:39 PM

    Are those the new sunglasses and the watch you got at NAS? They look great!

  5. Yep, thanks Ana! :)

  6. Anonymous2:30 PM

    U look great! U look strong and fit. Keep up the good work!