Tuesday, July 26

happy pants

I really like these pants. I just do. I think if my house caught fire (I reallyreally hope not) I'd grab these immediately after photos and my cats. Probably with the blouse too, if I have an extra finger.
I love the combination of rugged and chic. After all, they ARE military green cargo pants. But they're SILK military green cargo pants. O:)
Squee, I just love the snaps at the hem. See, see??
I try not to have favorites, but let's be honest, I do.
I love that I can dress these up or down, or go from date to day time casual. They are one of those wardrobe items that I appreciate more and more every time I wear them.
In general, I find that popping a black, fitted jacket makes just about anything appropriate for work. :D
What are your wardrobe favorites? Do you wear them more often, or save them for special occasions?
Top: Myne (archives), Jacket: Express, Pants: Elizabeth and James (archives), Shoes: Steve Madden, Watch: MK, Bangles: BR


  1. My wardrobe favorites always focus on footwear. My cowboy boots have sentimental value and are super comfy! I wear them as much as I can during spring and fall. Our summers are often too hot and the winters are too wet and slippery to wear them. And I have been known to let them peak out from a formal pair of work trousers, just for fun. Honestly, people rarely notice them which just makes it extra fun that I have them on.

  2. I love the pants, I've been on the lookout for silk cargo pants for ages!