Wednesday, July 13

green is the new black

Do you ever find yourself in a wardrobe rut? But of course you do. I sure do! Sometimes I still stand in front of my closet and look at my clothes and think, man, I have nothing to wear.
If you saw my closet, you'd laugh. I guess you essentially do see my closet on a daily basis. I have plenty, right?
I've realized over the last year that it isn't that I have nothing to wear, it's that I have no energy to remix items or take measures to keep things "new".
Wearing new things is always so fun and exciting but when the newness wears off, I start pining for something even newer.
I think especially with wardrobe blogging, there is a pressure to keep things interesting and new every single day, but in reality, none of us live like that.
Sometimes what needs the fresh spark isn't the outside, but what's on the inside.
Be content with what you have, and invest in figuring out ways to keep things new and exciting.
It takes work to look put together, it's not just about spending x amount of money on a certain number (or label) of clothing and wiping your hands of the matter.
That fab feeling starts from within and is exemplified in what you wear and how you present yourself.
I've worn this identical look before so I was expecting I'd feel a little tired in it. But when I look at the photos I realize what a great little piece it is and it makes me happy to wear it, even if it's not anything new.
So dig out those items that have lost their sparkle, and challenge yourself to wear one or two of them this next week in a new way that's "you". I have a few things I've bought before my style evolution, but there are certainly plenty of ways I can make them "me".
I have felt fab and frumpy in the exact same outfit. I really believe that inner confidence has a lot more to do with our outward appearance than we realize. 
Jeans: JBrand Love Story (archives), Sweater: Nordstrom, Tank: Target, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAB, Shoes: Coach, Watch: MK


  1. Ana Jackson9:05 AM

    Great lesson, Sarah. Thanks for posting this. Also, were these photos taken in Seattle? Look at all that green!

  2. Thanks! Yes they were taken in my sister's front yard. Jealous much? :)

  3. I do think this outfit is different than last time, because you have your new red bag here. :) And red and black go so well together, a superb pairing. I am guilty of being in ruts from time to time. I try to purchase less on impulse and focus on remixing outfits and what my wardrobe holes are. Often when I am frustrated, it's not because I don't like what I already have, it's because I don't know how to style it or because I have nothing to pair the item with. Having a fluid closet helps prevent a lot of frustions, at least this is what I am learning.

  4. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Love this with the red bag!
    This morning, I was experiencing just what you describe -- feeling blah about everything in the closet and feeling like I wear it all. the. time. Thanks for the fresh perspective! :)

  5. Thanks for your comments! Lisa, that has been my goal this past year. Sure, you can have a closet full of nice things, but it's a whole other ball game to have a functional, versatile, fab working wardrobe.

  6. I think you're the first person to describe really what happens when we open the closet and in panic think we don't have ANY thing to wear! It's of what you said, we don't know how to combine or put together in a moments notice a different outfit with what we already have.
    BTW, I like all the different outfits you create. Very inspiring and creative.
    I have also a question, what camera do you use? Your pictures are very pretty.

  7. Thanks, Dian! I use a Nikon D90X, which is a huge step up from my old Kodak phone-sized camera. I'm not a photographer at all, but we are learning as we go! Thanks.