Friday, July 15

denim on denim

Denim on either love it or don't. As with any look, there are so many variables to making something like this work for me. I first noticed it reappearing several seasons ago, but honestly haven't given it a go until now.
I rarely buy fashion magazines (apart from subscribing to Lucky), but for some reason when I travel, I do. I picked up the latest Glamour (with Heidi on the cover) and found myself dog-earing multiple pages, including several denim on denim looks.
I adore Heidi's look, but mostly her shoes. But this isn't about shoes...just don't not look at them. 8)

I have several "rules" when it comes to denim on denim. Nothing set in stone, but guidelines to check back with if something just doesn't look right.
1. I prefer denim in higher contrasting shades such as this lighter top with super dark wash jeans. Keeps it a little more current.
2. Pops of color are a must whether it's lip color, nail polish, or a bright handbag. Again, it keeps it from looking dated.
3. Fit, fit, fit. Everything should fit really well, and in general I prefer volume + fitted shapes together. The more fitted the top, the wider the leg on the jeans. Skinny jeans would go well with a looser denim or chambray.

Have you tried denim on denim? What do you think? How do you keep it from looking dated? Do you have your own set of personal "rules"?
Edited to add: I just saw this on The Budget Babe. Pretty much what she said. :)

Top: American Eagle (archives), Jeans: JBrand "Love Story" (archives), Shoes: Nine West Ponti, Bracelets: Target/Swapped 


  1. i bought my first denim shirt a couple of weeks ago. i agree with the contrasting colors! i haven't worn mine with jeans because of that, though-- my shirt is darkish blue and so are my jeans. =( i'm wearing it casually with my pair of paper-boy style dark khaki shorts, though.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I haven't worn my denim shirt for a long while - thought they were out of fashion...hmmm. I love denim with either a white bottom or khaki, or even with a black skirt. I'm not overly fond of denim and denim unless it's a really good mix, and sometimes they just don't "go" IMO.
    Sounds hot though for the weather now? Isn't it hot there? Or in a/c?

  3. My boss has a fondness for freezing a/c, so yes. I can dress warm for work.

  4. I am a fan of the denim on denim look. As long as there is contrast in the denim's as you did here. I like the idea to add a pop of color to this outfit. I love yellow and blue together, your yellow nailpolish would be great with this outfit. So would those monster nude wedge sandals with the 5" heel from your bat top post. Nude shoes with denim is a really fresh look for summer.

  5. Can you tell me what lipstick color you're wearing in these pictures? Very flattering - I love it!

  6. Sure! It's MAC "Morange" lipstick with Sephora's gloss in "Shimmery Orange Juice"

  7. lawdiva11:57 AM

    You look absolutely stunning! I have to say, there are so many fashion blogs out there and yours is the one of the few I regularly visit. I can't say that I would wear everything you wear, but I appreciate the inspiration. Thanks!