Tuesday, July 19

be proud

You should be very proud of me. I finally got my jeans hemmed. I have a horrible habit of buying denim and not hemming it. Ever. I bought three pair in the last six months, and two are hemmed, just one to go! This is huge, guys.
Cigarette pants are a new thing to me. They aren't new, of course, but I've just never had any before. I guess they are somewhere between skinny and straight leg? Do we know? Either way, this is exactly how I like them to look. Hemmed precisely to the top of my heels. It took me awhile to work with the tailor to get it just right, but I'm pleased with the end result. Three cheers for having another pair of pants in rotation!
Jeans: JBrand "Cigarette" (Buffalo Exchange), Top: Halogen (archives), Sweater: Nordstrom (archives), Bracelet: Target, Watch: High School graduation gift from my parents


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Impressive! I'm proud of you. And they look spectacular too!

  2. Those jeans look like they will be great for tucking into boots in the fall too. I enjoy multi-purpose jeans. I don't understand the difference between a cigarette leg and a skinny leg though. Hmm. Yay for getting things hemmed. I am poor at this too. It took me almost a year to get the waist taken in on two bottoms. I was concerned once I did then I would "grow" and not fit them anymore. Oddly enough, my courduroy skirt is getting used more now in the summer since it's been fixed than I ever reached for it in the winter! Committing to an alteration always feels so "final" to me.