Monday, June 13


This, I explained to my photographer husband, is the lazy blogger hairdo. I've shared before about our long Thursdays and how Fridays can be a challenge if I don't have my act together ahead of time. Sleep is more important than fresh hair on these days, so it's good to have some day two (or three?) hairstyles in my back pocket.
My stylist is going to share some tips and tricks with us all soon, but one of his must nots is shampooing daily. So on days like this I just spray in some dry shampoo, massage the roots, and tease just a little where needed.
Bryan said, at least you look tall and lean in those jeans! So today I'm the lengthened, lean, lazy blogger. O:)
You all know by now that I'm a minimalist and more fond of neutrals or muted tones than I am of bright colors or patterns. One way I do like to wear color (muted or not) is by pairing it with the same color in a different tone. From the cardigan, to the blouse, to even the bracelet. We're all in the same color family. :)
We had a great weekend. We needed a relaxing one, and we got it. I had a few errands to run on Saturday, but Sunday we went for our first swim of the summer and watched a few flicks and some sports. I love watching sports and as much as I was glad the Mavs won (yay) I'm sad we won't have a game 7. Our Texas Longhorns are headed to Omaha so I guess we have that left. Then it's a looooong wait to football season. Dum de dum.
Top: Matty M (last worn here), Cardigan: JCrew (worn here), Jeans: JBrand "Babe", Sandals: DV for Target, Cuff: Target, Small cuff: Grandma's


  1. Anonymous3:28 PM

    I'm counting the days until football season, too.

    I wash my hair every other day; with straight hair, my only challenge in not washing daily is lack of body. In this heat, though, I'm grateful for everyday I don't use the blow dryer.

    Pretty bracelet. I have an orange leather bracelet and a blue enamel one - both from Hermes. Accessories are such an easy, classic way to add color to a neutrals-based wardrobe, and they outlast trends and body size changes.

  2. I'm not a fan of washing my hair everyday either. I go progressively higher up in style the farther away I am from washing it. The first day it's all down, second day, half up half down and third day all up or in a braid. Dry shampoo and a scented spray get me through the no washing days, even when getting sweaty from running.

    I really like those jeans, they are a lighter shade of blue but without all that white whiskering I keep seeing on the. So many of mine are dark wash and I notice it's a tad harsh for the softer colors of summer. The cardigan and top mix together nicely for summer, there's enough color to have interest but it's still soft and feminine.