Wednesday, June 8

spice and all that's nice

"...but it's just different." It's interesting to me that while my style is constantly evolving, it's almost impossible for my poor husband to keep up. He is quite good at knowing my likes and dislikes, so sometimes he gets caught off guard when I try something new. I realize that I plan and plot weeks or even months in advance before I try something new, but my husband doesn't get the advance notice. So when I put on something I've already warmed up to, he needs a few minutes to "get" it. As much as I think I know about all of this, his opinions and advice mean more to me than any one elses. My biggest fan and most faithful critic. :)
My style has changed drastically since last summer, and even more so from summers before that. It wasn't bad before, but I'm just evolving and experimenting, where as last year I stuck to a pretty rigid staple as my weekend "uniform". I think this last year I'm mentally starting to catch up to where I am physically. I haven't lost a lot of weight since last summer, but my confidence and belief in myself is a lot stronger. I think it has released me to enjoy summer wear and actually participate in fashion in the warmer months. O:)
How about you? How do you attack your summer wardrobe?
Tops like this are my absolute must-have. I can wear them casually like this, or with trousers or tucked into a skirt. Triple duty!
Top: Robbi & Nikki, Shorts: 7FAM, Sandals: Unisa, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. My goal this summer, is to wear more dresses, they are fast, fun and easy in the heat. Yet something I rarely wear at any time of year. I figure summertime is the perfect season to experiment with dresses without worrying about layering. (skirts are too hard to fit so I'm starting off with dresses) Also I'm trying to add more blouses instead of t-shirts for shorts. As you stated, they can serve dual roles (work and weekend) and they really take an outfit up a notch in polish too. I enjoy blues and purples on you but this shade, coral, orange, (?) is stunning on you and perfect with lighter wash denim. Great find!

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    That's funny, my fiancee is the same way about my style or when I try a new trend. I wanted to try the white out trend last weekend and he said "We don't live in Miami" ha ha. As it was pretty cold out I switched outfits, but one of these days I'm going to go for it! He will live : )

  3. You look fantastic. That color top is great on you, too!

    My summer uniform is usually a cotton dress. I'm a huge fan of dresses to begin with, so a cotton sleeveless one that works for summer is perfect.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I'm so jealous you can wear orangey colors. :-)

    My summer wardrobe is all about not making me sweat anymore than I already do. To that extent, and for my shape, I stick to long tank tops I purchase at Lucy in neutral tones and pair them with flattering Bermuda shorts or cotton skirts. Wedge sandals from Umberto are the most comfortable and flattering for my leg length and shape. If I want color, I use accessories like chunky necklaces or scarves around a hat or used as a handbag.

    Cotton sleeveless dresses are also a staple!

  5. Sarah, I think you can wear this awesome (AWESOME) blouse with the cobalt skinnies.......I LOVE IT....and may be thieving on my next Austin visit....xx

  6. Well...since I live in Seattle I've left my summer clothes as an afterthought. I have a lot of dresses...I live in dresses in the summer since shorts are awkward on me. I have a couple pair, but they don't look nearly as cute on me as a short summer dress!

    You are inspiring in that blouse. I am obsessed with orange this year....Obsessed!