Monday, June 20

road to the fittest

I don't normally wear tee shirts, but when the appropriate occasion calls for it, I'm in. This past weekend we drove up to the Houston area to watch some of our fellow Crossfit athletes compete in the Regionals for the Crossfit Games.
It was well over 100 degrees, and competition was held at a ranch, so I was covered in dirt by the end of the day.
But we didn't care, it was so inspiring to be amongst the fittest in our region and watch those we train under and next to compete.
This shirt cracks me up, because I'm kinda a little of the last two in the evolution process. ;)
I don't have flip flops and didn't want to wear wedges walking around a ranch all day, so I picked up these cute little flats last minute via (Three cheers for free overnight shipping!) I'd been eyeing these (Sam Edelman "Gig") for the past few summers, but my size is always sold out. So yay!
Bryan was a great sport and posed for pictures too. :) We love that we can do Crossfit together, and were equally ecstatic to go to Regionals.
It really puts our daily workouts into perspective, and it also doesn't make them seem quite so hard.
One of the most brutal workouts of the day was called "100s". The athletes had to complete 100 pullups, 100 kettlebell swings, 100 double unders (jump rope passes twice under your feet per jump), and 100 overhead squats. Keep in mind how hot it was...not only were they hot, but the equipment was burning their hands.
I'm in awe.
We were rooting like crazy for coach Whitney. She is a machine, and it's always incredible to watch her perform.
So since this is a fashion blog...These shoes are so on my list! They are the first shoe made for Crossfit (by Reebok) and have U Form technology. You pop the babies into the oven and put them on and they conform to your foot. Great solution for those of us with high arches!
Tee: Woodward Crossfit, Shorts: LOFT, Sandals: Sam Edelman "Gigi", Watch: Fossil
On him-Tee: Woodward Crossfit, Shorts: Old Navy, Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider, Watch: Fossil

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  1. How neat to pick up an item right before it's needed, now that is shopping for what you need and not impulse shopping! Even in a casual outfit you look so put together. I don't know how you do it, but super job! Hubby looks dashing too.